What is Beau Visage?

Beau Visage is a medically proven skin imaging and diagnostic system, that can actually see up to 2mm below your skin to generate images of the blood supply, melanin (pigmentation) and sun damage to your face.

Why should I have a Beau Visage™ consultation?

There are many reasons and benefits to having a Beau Visage™ consultation:

  • An accurate analysis of the true health of your skin, and objective proof of any existing damage at a sub-surface level – all backed by clinically proven science
  • Understand why your skin appears the way it does by looking at components that affect skin tone, and therefore appearance of age
  • Allows your clinician to target treatments even more effectively, and specifically for YOU
  • A take-home report with your images and recommended treatment plan as discussed by you and your clinician
  • Allows you to compare and monitor your progress over time, giving you the confidence that your treatment is working.
  • See 2mm beneath the skin with SIAscopy™

Beau Visage is based on the science of SIAscopy™

The only medically proven technology able to see up to 2mm beneath the surface of your skin. At 2mm beneath the surface, you are able to see the important components of the skin that affect skin tone - blood and melanin. Scientific research has shown that skin tone can affect perceived skin age by up to 20 years! By looking to this depth with Beau Visage, your clinician can identify underlying problems in your facial skin health that may not be visible to the naked eye. Early treatment may then prevent these from appearing on the skin’s surface.

Beau Visage is a completely painless and harmless procedure, and does not use any form of UV light.

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Beau Visage in use